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Thank You to All Who Attended Our

Massachusetts Health Care Advocates (MAHCA)
Inaugural Spring Symposium

Strategies for Meaningful Change:
Looking at the Future of Healthcare with Hope

APRIL 10, 2024, Assumption University, 9 am - 3 pm

The “Salon” in La Maison, 500 Salisbury St., Worcester, MA 01609
Registration: $50, includes: lunch, parking,
and 3 Continuing Education credits for BCPA, CSA®

Join Massachusetts Health Care Advocates (MAHCA) for a stimulating day of learning,

networking, seeing old friends and meeting new professional colleagues.

Register now to secure your spot at our Inaugural Spring Symposium!

About Our Speakers:


Gordon Schiff, MD

General Internist, Associate Director of Brigham & Women’s Center for Patient Safety Research & Practice, Quality and Safety Director for the Harvard Medical School (HMS) Center for Primary Care, and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Learn more about Dr. Schiff.

Learning from Patients and Improving Systems to Prevent Diagnostic Errors

Diagnostic errors have surpassed medication errors in terms of harm done in direct patient care. In this session Dr. Schiff will speak about the importance of Diagnostic Errors and provide information about an ongoing project examining the patient impact of delayed diagnosis in cancer and the pivotal role patient advocates can play. He will also discuss clinician patient relationships and boundaries, including his own experiences and finally share his thoughts on humanism in medicine with an emphasis on patient advocacy.

Sandra Reddington.jpg

Sandra Reddington

Chief People Officer & Chief Strategy Deployment Officer, Optum Massachusetts

Learn more about Ms. Reddington.

Advancing Improvement through People and Purpose

As healthcare continues to transform along a continuum to meet the needs of our society, Sandra will share how she successfully drives excellence by focusing on culture, fostering continuous improvement, and engaging people in the process. In this session, she will describe how achieving excellence in any organization is about having clear goals, communicating with transparency, committing (relentlessly!) to continuous improvement, and engaging others. Her unique approach is at the intersection of performance improvement, people engagement, the customer experience and strategy deployment.

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